Business Events

We are sincerely proud to present your company a brand new and exciting entertainment!

Casino games for business events

Casino parties are the most perfect way to celebrate, also it can be easily used for team building. Are you looking how to break the ice with your business partners after the conference or business meeting? Casino party is the answer. Surprising casino games is the best choice for special business events and a great way to create relations with new business partners or clients.

Product launch, opening new office or sales promotion.

Releasing new product to the market? Opening new office building?

Our casino tables is a suitable attraction to infuse potential clients, by inviting them to casino games. When croupiers deal the cards, you can present your main idea. Your guests will get acknowledged why they came here and will also have a brilliant time.

Personal Services

In the beginning of the event our professional and friendly croupiers can deliver a bunch of fake money, decorated with the logo of your company, to everyone. These money are used to change it to casino chips. This way, the events gets interactive and manifold connection.

Casino games winners can awarded by various prizes. Offer you clients to check your new product or award them with a little surprise gift. Also we can held the auction for you, where guests can vote and win a piece of your product or souvenirs with logo of your company.
Exciting Team building

When forming collective, we can separate people to teams and let them show they skills. Personal can skirmish in the venture some games and strengthen their relations, while having fun. The team may had different team building tasks earlier that day, so then casino games can be the aim of the evening and shine as the party accent.

Top quality equipment

All casino tables are a piece of marvel and quality. Our croupier’s outfit is black & white, but if you are looking for other colors or dress format, we are happy to fulfill your desires.

No matter if it’s a Christmas party, birthday, new office opening or summer gathering – casino games will perfectly support your event! CEO’s can be proud of themselves, by giving employees surprising and exciting entertainment. Four different games – money with a symbols of the company, many prizes, nimbly and eloquent evening presenter will create your party into unforgettable celebration.

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