Great entertainment in your wedding

The most important day in your life you will face outnumbered duties, that way – casino parties will help you to entertain your guests, when you are on the way to make some photos. This is a unique experience to suggest 4 different casino games as one of the evening activities or to use a casino theme all night long.

Professional croupiers

Our professional staff will gladly join your celebration and help you to succeed your goals. Each guest can handle a bundle of fake gambling money, which can be used for playing various casino games. The standard outfit of our croupiers is black & white, in case of demand, we can fit the outfit for any theme you desire. The most successful guests, that won most in casino games can be awarded by symbolic prizes. It is a great way to bring some memorable presents to guests.

Astonishing casino prizes

  • Symbolic art made from glass with wedding/casino theme
  • Unique chocolate casino tokens with bride and groom portraits
  • You desired prizes
Wedding planning service

In case of demand, we can offer you a wedding planning service team. It’s really easy to have someone, that can handle all your party in experienced hands, make useful corrections and let you ensure, that all goes smooth. Wedding planner can involve casino games in your wedding day and suggest you some new and brilliant ideas how to make your most important day perfect and unmemorable. According to your wedding day plan, our wedding planner will help you to choose perfect number of casino tables , will compose it in your festive space, advise you for the perfect duration of games.
P.s. in case of demand we can organize all wedding festive using “Your desired” theme.

P.S. In case of demand we can organize all wedding festive using your desired theme.

Newlyweds reviews

We are very happy to claim, that many newlywed couples, who chose our services, were fascinated and satisfied with this exciting entertainment. This is a new and unique way to bring more colors and excitement to the most day of your life, by filling it with ardor, many smiles, and best memories for all your life together.

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